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In a dynamic & competitive world, full of new risks & opportunities,  we are by your side to execute digital marketing to beat the competition, gain market share and expand your business.


Sell your product online from your own website to expand your customer profile and have long-term customers.


Interact with your customers to tell your brand story and value their feedback to build a lasting brand impression.


Attract potential customers to Register Online with a follow up Sales process to drive customer acquisition.


Analyse current customer profile to predict potential business from new customers in a new area for a product.

Digital Marketing Services

The composition of various services that come together to bring growth for your business

Website Design Services

Includes a domain, hosting and SSL lock.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Services

Boost Organic Rank on Google & Yahoo Search.

Pay Per Click Advertising PPC Services

Google Search, Google Display & Times Internet.

Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Content & Video Ads  Marketing

Make customers aware about product features.

Email & Chat Marketing Services

Follow up with personalised Emails & Chats.

Digital Marketing Philosophy of Intellemo


Strategic usage of algorithms & intelligent tools for managing repetitive tasks whenever patterns are found, so that 24x7 monitoring & execution becomes possible.


Using human creativity to understand consumer intention for creating engaging ad copies that influence consumer behaviour to buy the product.

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If you are a fast growing organisation that needs help with Online Marketing, then Intellemo will give you at least 10-20x return on an investment in hiring them.

Intellemo clearly knows digital marketing really well. Combine knowledge with excellent communication skills and you have a winning combination for a business. 

I have found Intellemo team to be very knowledgeable and they have added a great deal of value to some of the projects that we have done together.

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Your Business depends on

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the activity of increasing the awareness about a product or service in the target market through various electronic devices. It's major component Online marketing engages in the promotion of a product mainly through Internet (Websites & Mobile Apps) to the target audience.

By 2020, more than 65 cr people in India will be connected to the Internet. Already, India has 30 cr Facebook users (largest in the world) and 12 cr Instagram users (2nd largest). - Stastia

Digital Marketing directly drives online e-commerce sales. Besides, it is influencing upto 40% of the consumer purchase decisions even offline. - Google Report 

Get Customers

Digital Marketing is able to grab the attention of potential customers and provide valuable information about the business and its products. It reaches the target audience in the most efficient and impactful manner. For e.g. LinkedIn is the best medium of client acquisition for most B2B businesses. Also, Facebook and Instagram are the best to acquire new customers for B2C business. A special case is Google Search which works for both B2B and B2C as it targets users with higher intent to satisfy their immediate demand. 

Build Loyalty

Digital Marketing allows companies to keep in touch with old customers by making them aware of new products, features, services or offers. Also, it generates continuous revenues from the loyal customers through strategies such as upsell, cross-sell, upgradation and subscription. But, in a competitive market, a cold templatised email doesn't work well. A customer remains loyal only when he/she is given a personalised human attention. 

Improve Product

The power of social media marketing allows two-way communication with both existing and potential customers at a large scale. It helps to get valuable feedback, suggestions and complaints that leads to the continuous improvement of the product or service. 

Match Demand

Any business is built on calculated risks by capitalising on opportunities and defending in crisis. Through data analysis of search queries, the demand can be fairly predicted so that the supply can be streamlined. Also, if some inventory is lying unsold, it can be cleared in the off-season by bidding higher to get more reach.

Market Share

Digital Marketing allows even new companies to take on the bigger competitors by creating engaging content that satisfies user queries. Bigger companies may depend on their deep pockets, but smaller ones may use innovative digital marketing strategies to capture market share.


Digital Marketing is heavily dependent on data analysis. The campaigns can be optimised at the exact profitablity point desirable by your company by modifying the scalability of the campaigns and leveraging the potential of organic customer engagement.

How to Select a Digital Marketing Company?

This is a very crucial task for a startup or a small business since one may not have enough budgets to go for large enterprises or brand agencies. Also, a quick choice to get hold of any local service provider can actually set them back and burn their budgets.

Is the agency competent?

Try to ascertain the credentials of the company from their website, LinkedIn company profile, list of clients, case studies and testimonials. Recent Case Studies showcase competence of the agency in the target industry. But, one must always be skeptical about any fake numbers or hollow promises.

What results have been delivered in the past?

Look out for the presence of good client logos on the website. Do a quick analysis with 3rd party tools like Similarweb, SemRush, Ahrefs, etc. to find out impact of the activity. Also, do a reference cross check with the clients to find out if the agency actually worked for them and what results were obtained. If the results were good, the client would certainly vouch for the agency. 

How frequent is the reporting of results?

Monthly reports are too slow in today's competitive world. Keep track of digital marketing performance on a daily basis through various automated reports & alerts. Also, try to have a frequent direct communication with campaign managers to know the activities being done to improve the performance.

What is the model of the agency fees or pricing?

Most digital marketing agencies have following fees models:
1. Fixed Agency Fees per month
2. 15-20% of the managed Ad Spends per month
3. a combination of the above 

It is necessary to tie the pricing agreement with the results that are promised. If the agency doesn't align it, then either they are incompetent or they don't care about your results. In both cases, your company faces much higher risk of loss for mismanagement but agency gets its fees in any case.


Here we try to answer the frequently asked questions by our customers regarding digital marketing companies and agencies in India

How many digital marketing agencies are there?

According to LinkedIn data, there are at least 20,000 digital marketing agencies in India. But 80% of them have less than 50 employees. Only a few digital marketing companies are large enough with about 500 employees.

Which is the best digital marketing company?

You may find a lot of lists of top digital marketing companies on Google Search. They may not even match each other because there is no set metric for deciding the top digital marketing agencies.
The important thing for your company is to judge which one is the best for your company.

A good digital marketing company for your business is the one which is able to scale the business from scratch and build a pool of long-lasting customers. The best digital marketing company is able to make your company a brand and a bigger enterprise. They work like business partners, take ownership of the targets, are accountable for their actions while being incentivised for profits and penalised for the losses. Overall, the best digital marketing agency puts money first in the pocket of your business before deserving a pie out of it.

What is a full service digital marketing agency?

A full service digital marketing agency takes care of all the activities in the digital marketing portfolio to boost the revenue of your company. These include:
- SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
- PPC (Pay per Click) Marketing
- Social Media Marketing
- Content Marketing
- Email, SMS & Chatbot Marketing
- Website Designing & Management
Overall, the agency becomes a digital business partner to bring Sales from all possible channels by capitalising on all possible opportunities.

How much digital marketing agencies charge?

The digital marketing agency charges vary according to their size and client's budgets & negotiations:
1. Brand Agencies (with 500+ employees) charge typically Rs.3 lacs to Rs.5 lacs per month or 10% of the ad spends (whichever is higher). 
2. Mid-level Agencies (with 50-500 employees) charge typically Rs.1 lac to Rs.3 lacs per month or 15% of the ad spends (whichever is higher). 
3. Small Agencies & Freelancers charge typically Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lac per month fixed. 
These numbers can vary according to the region, industry and negotiation of the deal.
It must be noted that higher spends on agency fees does not necessarily result in a higher performance. When the pricing agreement is not aligned towards results or revenues, the accountability of a poor performance by the agency can not be upheld. This leads to the dissatisfaction of the client.

Should I hire a digital marketing agency?

If you have a product that you think is good enough to reach out to the masses and competitive enough to scale its production then definitely a marketing agency can help to efficiently utilise your advertising spends and generate higher revenues.

Are digital marketing agencies useless?

It is difficult to accept the fact that indeed a large number of digital marketing agencies fail to bring a valuable impact on the revenues of their clients. When the clients get dissatisfied even after changing 2-3 agencies, they start thinking that digital marketing agencies are useless.
But, we can't paint all the agencies with one brush. A considerable number of agencies do awesome work in a dedicated manner to generate higher revenues for their clients.
It is important to choose wisely and tie the pricing model with results.  

How do digital marketing agencies work?

Digital Marketing agencies work by pooling the expertise and managing the activities of many clients at a larger scale. They have multiple experts for managing every aspect of digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Designing, etc.
A client running small business or a startup can not afford to get hold of all employees which are expert in all such fields. A generic person will be Jack of all trades, but master of none. 
So, digital marketing agencies are able to provide pooled expertise at affordable and flexible budgets.

How to judge the performance of my agency?

Include the agency fees along with the media spends and then map it with the incremental revenues generated during the engagement. This must always look profitable and certainly higher than the expectations or promises that were made while signing the initial agreement.

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