Digital Marketing Executive Job

A Digital Marketing Executive would execute the performance on the digital marketing team’s end and be accountable for the delivery of results on the client end.


  • Highly skilled in the tools of digital marketing that bring high impact for the results.
  • Must Know: Google Analytics, Google AdWords Editor, Facebook Platform, Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets, etc.
  • Advanced data analysis skills and the ability to derive quick insights from raw data using a combination of analytical tools and intuition (from experience)
  • Always looking out for new advancements/tools and learning new skills that can be an opportunity to boost results
  • Following set processes in the framework for precise implementation while bringing creativity and out of the box solutions for the dynamic environment and beating the competition.
  • Cooperative and learning attitude to work with the performance team for bringing results while also so keeping up with the demands of the clients
  • A balance of intellect (mathematical analysis) with emotions (psychological understanding of customers and clients), which is the core of Intellemo

Why Join Us?

  • Since we are in the business of growing the results of clients very fast, we value the employees equally and they would get the benefits transferred to them as well.
  • Get Bonus, Incentives and Commission over and above Salary on successfully achieving targets outlined.
  • The best ones may even see their salaries and incentives doubling in a short period to give an exponential curve to their career graph along with job satisfaction.
  • Learn better skills. Achieve your dreams and career goals faster.

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