Checklist Before You Publish Facebook Ads

Checklist Before You Publish Facebook Ads

In this blog, you’ll learn about things you need to ensure you’ve checked before you go ahead and publish your campaigns:

  • 20% Rule in Ads
  • Selecting the Right Goal
  • Selecting the Right Audience
  • Budget Check
  • SBA Method in Ad Text

Facebook ads, undoubtedly have a lot of potential. With right ads targeting the right audience, you can achieve all there is! But wait, before you launch your campaigns, do have a list at this checklist curated to see if your ads are on the right track or not.

1. 20% Rule in Ads

Beware of running text-heavy ads! To ensure your ads run smoothly, you need to follow the 20% rule of Facebook. It implies that you can’t have more than 20% of the image as text in your ads. If you do, it may affect delivery of your ads, thus leading to higher cost per result. You can check if the text in your image is just enough through 2 ways:

a. Text overlay tool provided by Facebook
b. Creating mockup of the ad and checking the text there itself

Even if you do not follow above 2 methods and continue to publish your ad creative and it does contain high text, you’ll be notified of the same through warning in facebook in the ‘ad delivery’ section so that you can update the creative with lesser text.

2. Selecting the Right Goal

Facebook provides us with a variety of options when setting a goal. You can choose one out of these as per your business. This further defines your result and the focus of the campaign.

Your ads will be optimized for these results. Thus, you need to ensure that you select the objective carefully without getting distracted by other features provided by Facebook. In case you feel confused about it, you can simply place the cursor on the tool tip (available at the corner of the objective type box) and a small description will appear. Say, if it is Lead-generation, focus will be on collecting maximum leads possible, for Conversion, focus stays on the purchase from the website or any other event as opted by you.

3. Selecting the Right Audience

The creative ads that you’ve made for your brand may be outrageously good but what if you are not targeting it right? Before you launch your Facebook ads you need to ensure that you’ve selected a relevant audience. If you are looking forward to reaching new people, you can create a saved audience with different interests as per your product. However, if you are looking forward to nurturing your existing audience, you can create a remarketing campaign.

Also, do check these 3 things once you’ve selected the audience:

a. Age
b. Gender
c. Location

If you have a product which targets only a specific age group or gender or is available in a particular location only, you can change the above given metrics from their default setting.

4. Budget Check

When you create a new campaign, the default budget is set to Rs.800. You can have daily budget at either of the 2 levels:

  • a. Campaign level (through campaign budget optimisation)
  • b. Ad set level

You can change the budget as per your business needs or the number of people you’re trying to reach. If this is not kept under check, you may end up blowing more money than you intended in the first place.

5. SBA Method in Ad Text

Text in the ad is as important as the creative itself. You need to ensure that it has proper primary text along with headline and description. The SBA method is quite useful when it comes to having attractive primary text. In mobile devices, it only appears upto 3 lines, so, how do you ensure that a user clicks on ‘see more’ to read the text and engage further with the ad - through SBA:


It implies the very 1st line of your primary text that grabs the attention of the viewer. It can either be any offer, a unique feature of your product or simply an amazing fact that will snap people out of their routine scrolling.


Herein you can tell your ad viewer and potential customer why they need to buy this product or service. You can list some of the top benefits of taking your product here that’ll simply leave no choice to the user but to know more.


Now that all is said and done, comes the final nail - Action. Here, you can ask the person to take the required action, whether it is shopping, contacting or messaging. Write your call to action in the form of one liners such as ‘order now and…’ or ‘message us now to know more’ and so on as per your business.

Also, never leave the Headline and Description in the ad empty. This is the opportunity given to you to convey as much information to users as possible to make them click on your ad and convert. Do not take this for granted.

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