Using Automated Rules in Facebook

Using Automated Rules in Facebook

In this blog you will find:

  • What Are Facebook Automated Rules?
  • How to Create Automated Rules in Facebook
  • How to Create Automated Rules in Facebook
  • Viewing Rule Activity

As your marketing grows along with the number of campaigns, staying on top of each campaign and each ad becomes difficult. If you are looking forward to managing your campaigns effectively to justify the ad spend, you can use automated rules to lower your work and be more efficient with campaign management.

What Are Facebook Automated Rules?

Facebook Automated Rules are a boon that have the potential to make the life of marketers easier.They check your campaigns, adset and ads as per the conditions you’ve set and make changes accordingly. Yes, you hear it right! There are various ways for you to harvest this potential of rules in managing your Facebook ads.

While creating an automated rule, you choose following:

a. Condition that will trigger the rule
b. Action to be taken on the ad
c. Campaign, ad set or ad that will be affected

You can choose either to be notified or simply let action be taken as per the rule.

How to Create Automated Rules in Facebook

Step 1: For the first step, you can go to the menu in the business manager and select the ‘Automated Rules’ option present under ‘Create and Manage’. On the screen that appears, you can click ‘Create Rule’.

Alternatively you’ll also find the option of ‘Rules’ in the Ad Manager itself. Select ‘Create a new rule’ out of the options that appear. A box as shown in the image will appear. Let’s have a look at the next steps one by one.

Step 2: You can select at the level at which you’d like to apply the rule:

a. Campaign level
b. Adset level
c. Ad level

Step 3: Now you can specify the action to be taken. You can either let the rule turn the campaign or ad set or ad off/ on automatically or get a notification once the condition is satisfied to do the required action manually.

If you choose to adjust budget you can increase/ decrease the daily/ lifetime budget or manual bid by a certain percentage/amount when the condition is met.

Step 4: The 4th step involves creating the condition which will trigger the rule. It can either be 1 condition or a set of it. It’s all up to you. You can choose out of the following conditions that are provided by Facebook.

As an example, you can see the image shared wherein we have taken 2 metrics - impressions and cost per result to create a condition. Time range can also be specified along with it. This way, any ad set which has 8000+ impressions and cost per result of more than Rs.500 will be turned off.

Step 5: As a final step, you can select the schedule which defines when the rule will run, every 30 minutes, daily or on a particular day.

To select a particular day, you can click on the option ‘Custom’ and select the day out of the list that appears. If you want the rule to run multiple times a day, you can specify the same by clicking on the ‘+’ sign that appears and adding the respective time after selecting the day.

If you’d like to get notifications every time the conditions of the rule are met, you can specify the name of the person who has access to the ad account. Finally, give the rule a name and click on ‘Create’. Your rule will be created.

Manage Your Automated Rules in Facebook

Once you have created the rules, the next step that comes is managing them. Once you click on “Automated Rules’ from the business manager, you get a screen consisting of existing rules on your screen. As per your need, you can either let the automated rules stay active or pause them. If you need to edit any of these rules, you can do it using the end column.

View Rule Activity

One way of tracking the changes made in the campaign is through notifications. However, they are prone to getting missed, therefore, another option is to review all the changes at one place. Just alongside the Rule tab is the ‘Activity’ tab which provides you the name of the rule along with changes that were made.


With the above mentioned steps, you’ll be able to create automated rules for facebook ads quickly. This would save a lot of time and efforts from your side and help you focus on strategizing the campaigns in a better way. Remember that it is equally important to manage rules as creating them. Keep viewing the changes regularly to ensure everything remains on track.

Now go ahead and start creating rules to manage facebook campaigns efficiently with help of automated rules!

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