Boost CTR Of Google Ads

Boost CTR Of Google Ads

Grab Extra Space
Both Headline 3 and Description 2 would grab extra space and the ad will look up to 30% bigger

It can showcase an extra USP (unique selling proposition) about the services that your website offers, thereby increasing attractiveness

The description will explain the service in detail so that the user is clear about the relevance and the context of the ads.

Adding these can help you reach more potential customers because people are more likely to interact with more informative ads.

Certain organizations can even filter out non-target users (searching for similar keywords) e.g. selling loan products only to businesses with 1 cr turnover in last year.

Think of a catchy phrase that resonates with your brand. Go to AdWords Editor interface and just add it as Headline 3 on all your ads.

Expanded Text Ads on Google AdWords can now include 3 headlines (30 characters each) and 2 descriptions (90 characters each). It’s time to grab the opportunity, boost CTR by up to 50% and move way ahead of the competitors with that extra edge. It can be a fairly difficult & rigorous exercise for an SEM executive to think about various headline options and implement them before the competition does. So, here’s a quick tip for short-term:
Think of a catchy phrase that resonates with your brand. Go to AdWords Editor interface and just add it on all ads. Similarly, add an explanatory description of your services in Description 2. Bingo, you get 30% extra ad space with about 15 mins of efforts.
But, the long-term implementation would be a bit tedious:
Keep Headline 1 aligned to high search query relevance
Choose Headline 2 & 3 from among the USP, product or service being offered, problem that’s being solved, benefits, brand slogans and taglines, inventory choices, support and customer service, warranties or guarantees, shipping and returns, pricing and fees, incentives and discounts, payment details, awards/reviews/ratings, etc.

What else matters?
Remember to implement maximum ad extensions from among the available options such as call extension, structured snippet, site link extension, callout extension, message extension, location extension price extension, promotion extension and app extension according to the applicability for your website. Most importantly, keep testing iterations of various headlines & descriptions using Ad Variations to find out what works best.

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