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Google Shopping Ads

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Why Your Business Needs Google Shopping?

Say, there’s something you need to buy. Where do you search for it? On Google!
Undoubtedly Google has now become a part and parcel of people’s daily lives. With Google Shopping Ads, you can showcase your product to the users already searching it, helping you get in touch with high-intent users.

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Better Qualified Leads

Feature product information in your ads to help shoppers make informed purchase decisions.


Increase Brand Awareness

Make people familiar to your brand by showing the ads containing product images.

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Broader Presence

More than one of your Shopping ads can appear for a given user search & multiply your reach.

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Powerful Reporting

Identify growth opportunities with data to know which of your products performed better.

Features of our service

We’ll help to list your products with relevant keywords along with proper titles and descriptions. The CPCs will be properly managed to optimise CPA within target limits.

Google Shopping Ads
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Decide Your Own Budget

With Shopping campaign, you’ll stay in full control of your budget by deciding exactly how much you’re willing to pay. We’ll further optimise it for each click or engagement.