Readymade Ad Stock for Instant Marketing

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Readymade Ad Stock for Instant Marketing

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Why Does Your Business Need It?

We all are familiar with the delays of the old style of creating ads on demand where you make a campaign brief and a cycle of discussions starts until your ad finally caters to your product & gets launched on various platforms. Our AdStock cuts through this unnecessary delay and works in launching the marketing campaigns. It provides to you the 3 core parts of a successful marketing campaign along with a Mega Ad Manager.

No More Delays

Launch marketing campaigns instantly with readymade ads

Power to Choose

Choose any ad you like out of multiple ad templates

Stunning Visuals

Ads that appeal and connect to the viewers for best results


Choose the package you like. Available at best prices for you.

Readymade Ads

These are not templates that your designer needs to edit. These are fully functional ads, that you can choose and immediately deploy!

Saved Audiences

A good ad running on a bad audience is of no use. The Saved Audiences are curated taking into account our experience of years and human psychology to bring the best audience for your ads.

Instant Landing Pages

Imagine showing the right ads to the right people but landing them on a slow loading website. With our ready to launch AMP landing pages, you can complete the virtuous cycle of good user experience.

Mega Ad Manager

Access all important metrics of your digital marketing campaigns and stay up to date with our Reporting Dashboard. It’s your ultimate source of truth which allows you to see how your campaigns are performing on multiple platforms. Not just this, you can also store your leads in our inbuilt CRM.

Businesses We've Helped Grow

Marketing that Impacted Businesses

UrbanClap Case Study

Urbanclap is a mobile marketplace for local services. Have a look at it’s case study to know about the remarkable results that were achieved.

NeetPrep Case Study

Neetprep is an education startup providing coaching classes for NEET. See how we helped them decrease their CPC and CPL.


CompliancePoint is a consulting firm for businesses in the US, Canada & Europe. Read more to find out how we helped them increase their leads.

Hear it from our Clients

Do not believe what we say until you hear it from the business owners themselves.

If you are a fast growing organisation that needs help with Online Marketing, then Intellemo will give you at least 10-20x return on an investment in hiring them.     

Abhiraj Bhal

Co-Founder, UrbanClap

I found Intellemo team to be very knowledgeable and they have added a great deal of value to some projects that we have done together. I'd recommend you to work with Intellemo

Holly Avila

Marketing Director, CompliancePoint

We started with a really low budget and then we started getting a very good response while generating 8x-9x of our ad spends. I'd highly recommend Intellemo team to you.    

Sameer Bhatia

CEO, House of Candy

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Normally after putting in all the efforts, time and marketing cost, you may still be unsure how the ad would perform among the audience. What if we could cut through this unnecessary delay and work in launching the marketing campaigns? What if we had insights on what works THE BEST?

Our AdStock provides to you the 3 core parts of a successful marketing campaign: Readymade Ads, Saved Audiences which will work best for your brand and ready to launch Landing Pages which provides a good user experience with their lightning fast loading speed. It’ll help you cut through the delays to ensure your ads are launched on time and no opportunity is lost.
Even better! Our readymade ads are especially curated as per the best standards to help you launch them instantly. You can simply browse through the categories and select the ad which you like the most.
Absolutely! Our instant landing pages will allow you to land users coming from the ads directly on these pages. Our elegantly designed and fast loading Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are exactly what you need to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.
Yes, if you are running lead generation campaigns, then you can utilise our easy-to-use CRM to store leads with us. You can further share it with your team members through easy steps for faster execution.
Your safety is our top priority. We take all the measures possible to ensure that your data and business information stays safe with us. You can check our privacy policy here.
Your campaigns will be regularly optimised and notifications for the same will be provided to you on the Intellemo dashboard itself so that you are aware of the changes that can bring better results for your business.
It will be renewed automatically after 30 days. Any changes you make within these days will be reflected in the next cycle. If you wish to upgrade/ downgrade it or cancel the same, you can do it before the subscription is renewed.
We’ve tried to keep our platform as simple and user friendly as possible. If you have any doubt, you can simply refer to our documentation provided here. If your doubt still remains unresolved, then you can simply click on the Whatsapp icon provided at the corner of your screen to start chatting with us and resolve any remaining doubts.

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