This is an overview of the work that Intellemo delivered for and the remarkable results that were achieved. Confidential Client data has been masked deliberately.


Higher CTR

(Click Through Rate)


Lesser CPC

(Cost per Click)


Lower CPL

(Cost per Lead)

156% Higher CTR

We increased the CTR of Search Ads by 156% while lowering the Avg. CPC. It was highly challenging as normally CTR decreases when Avg. CPC is decreased as average position falls too. This was done by using Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) structure with multiple relevant ad copies.

73% Lesser CPC

While maintaining the average position, we could decrease the Avg CPC by 73%. This was done by relevant query targeting, automated bidding and relevant landing page creation.

57% Lower CPL

Within a few months, we could improve the account by decreasing the cost per conversions (CPL or Cost per Lead) by 57% while even increasing the lead volume and maintaining the lead quality.

Better Lead Quality

While decreasing the CPL by 57%, it was ensured that both Lead Volume and Lead Quality were also improving. So, it was a double benefit for the company.

The Challenge

Neetprep is education startup providing online education for NEET. It is in a highly competitive environment.

A lot of search queries are long tail search queries which refer to the stages of enquiry of a NEET aspirant. These had to be categorised thematically and targeted to relevant pages which satisfied user intent.

The account was running at full scale with some keywords, few ads and a single landing page. A drastic improvement was required everywhere!


Strategic usage of algorithms for repetitive tasks where patterns can be built and implemented precisely.

Using human creativity to understand NEET aspirant’s intention and psychology for engaging ad copies & landing page content.

Building customised tools using AdWords Scripts with frugal front-end on Google sheets to minimise coding time.

Automated Bidding

This combines Google Sheets and AdWords Scripts to modify bids using certain rules on basis of data. A full-blown machine learning based model for bidding is being created. Automated Bidding in action. It changes bids for 1000’s of Keywords everyday on the basis of past performance.

Landing Page Testing

This is done using Google Optimize. It is very powerful for A/B Testing, Multivariate testing, and even Personalisation. See Google Optimize A/B Testing in action (confidential data blurred)

Original Landing Page

Optimized Landing Page

Automated Reports

Any performance improvements can be achieved only when the levers that drive that performance are measured accurately and regularly. So, reporting automation becomes really important. We track all the metrices of Google AdWords and Google Analytics through API on Google Sheets. Also, the data is sent every morning on email so that if anything goes wrong/right we are able to take a prompt action.

Final Word

Overall, the achievements for NeetPrep on Search Ads are just a start. The engagement continues to bring more value on all fronts.

Further, Optimisation and automated bidding by the lead quality is being done. As we’ll achieve more, we’ll keep you updated.

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