Enterprise Performance Marketing – Build Custom Ads Package

  • Showcase your business with an optimal Marketing Mix.
  • Run Google Search Ads on keywords highly relevant to search queries.
  • Run Optimised Fb/Insta Carousel Video Ads on relevant targeting.
  • Get AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for higher conversions.
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Are you an enterprise looking forward to performance marketing? Then, this is a perfect fit for you. You have the power to build custom ads package as per your business needs by selecting various services.

How It Works

You can select a number against each of the following ad types to form a custom package:

  • Google Search –  Smart Responsive Ads
  • Google Search – Dynamic Customisation Ads
  • Fb/ Insta Carousel Video Ads
  • AMP Pages


If you do not wish to have a package, you can also select individual services as per your convenience.
Once you have selected a service, we’ll ensure its time-bound delivery.
We’ll also help you set-up Campaign Goal Settings, Ad Set targeting and Creative Ad sets.
Also, each ad made for you would be a unique ad.


  • You can build your own custom package as per your business needs.
  • Custom Search Ads use the search query of the user to deliver highly targeted, relevant ads. Therefore, the end result is satisfied users and more revenue.
  • Facebook video ads have the power to engage users more and are very helpful in increasing sales.
  • Facebook Dynamic Product Ads help in showing dynamic products to the users who visited or added products to their carts and increases the conversion rates.
  • Using Google Dynamic Remarketing, you can set up a dynamic data feed that automatically inputs the parameters from the catalogue & shows it to the user.
  • AMP pages are known to have higher conversion rates. Hence, it is a service highly recommended for you.


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