Google Ads Audit


Google Ads Audit


Full Audit on several top Google Ads parameters such as :
• Campaign Settings & Expected CTR
• Location Targeting
• Keyword Coverage & Negative Keywords
• Ad Relevance & Landing Relevance
• Targeting Settings, etc

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Have you run some Google ads but didn’t get adequate or satisfactory results?
It is highly likely that the data generated has multiple hidden learning along with some insights. Thus, to know where your campaign lagged behind, we’ll look at your data and audit the past campaigns. Once we find out the gaps and opportunities that exist in the marketing campaign, we will recommend changes.

Why Does Google Ads Audit Matter?

Google Ads Audit holds utter importance. For instance, it allows you to examine whether or not you are meeting your business goals. This is because with an audit, you can analyze the current presence of your brand. Thereafter, you will be able to uncover necessary information. Hence, you can make some tweaks and improvements from there on.
Therefore, it is important for you to figure out what’s working and what’s not. After that, you can focus your marketing energies on the ads which is actually generating an impact.

Parameters Available for Audit

We’ll do an extensive audit on the performance of Google Ads at several levels.

For instance, following parameters are included :

1. Campaign Settings
2. Location targeting
3. Platform performance
4. Campaign Structure
5. Ads Conversions
6. Ads Engagement
7. Landing Page experience
8. Audience Performance
9. Audience Size
10. Audience Coverage (Custom/LookAlike)
11. Product / Services Catalog Performance
12. Conversion Settings
13. Attribution Settings
14. Time of the Day
15. Day of the Week
16. Placement performance
17. Device Performance
18. Bidding Strategy
19. Budget Strategy
20. Creative Freshness
21. Demographics Performance
22. Events Tracking (Pixels)
23. Automation used
24. Ad Formats used
25. Creative Relevancy Score

Thus, audit report for Google ads is mandatory to ensure that your marketing strategy is aligned with your ads. Knowing conversions and engagement of your ads along with other parameters will also bring clarity. As a result, proving helpful in generating the best ads.

We’ll provide the Google ads audit report as per the number of parameters chosen according to the pricing.


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