Quora Text Ads

• Reach out to target audience on Quora in the most cost effective manner

• Set up a campaign on Quora with precise targeting options in relevant geography.

• Set up to 5 creative ad sets as per assets provided on your Website or Social Media channels.

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Do you want to reach out to your target audience on Quora in the most cost-effective manner? Then, you can set up Quora Ads Campaign with precise targeting options in the relevant geography to reach the target consumers.

Why Quora Ads?

A lot of people visit the site Quora every day either to ask questions or read insightful answers.

Therefore, you can use this platform to advertise your product. Then, you’ll be able to reach millions of people who come looking for answers to a variety of questions, relating to your product or service or industry.


  1. Reach decision makers: Many people who ask or read answers on Quora are looking forward to make a decision. You can reach them at the right point during their decision making process.
  2. Audience: It is no secret that Quora has a huge engaged audience. This base holds vast potential and can be utilised for your marketing needs.
  3. High user intent: It is known that users on Quora display high intent. A variety of targeting options on top of this will allow the ads to be precise and target the right user with the right message.

We help you set-up up to 5 creative Ad sets according to assets provided on your Website or Social Media channels. For creating Quora Ads Campaign, we’ll make use of Quora for Business. It refers to a paid advertising format available on the platform. It allows advertisers to serve ads while they research for answers relating to your industry.

Many sophisticated features and types of targeting will be used to have precision.


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