AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – Instant Loading Pages

  •  High speed of website loading (because of pre-cached pages)
  •  Creation of landing pages for ad campaigns
  •  Better user experience with 20 to 30% better conversion rates
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Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is the latest technology offered by Google that allows pages to be pre-cached at Google search. This can be witnessed as a lightning symbol along with any search result on a mobile phone. AMP landing pages helps to load the website instantly since it is already preloaded at the back-end and thus, aces all website speed test. Because of this, the page load time is faster as compared to other pages.

We help to create landing pages for Google Search Campaigns so that during your marketing campaigns, the user lands on the AMP landing pages wherein he experiences super fast loading speed with no time lag whatsoever, ensuring that you have a fast website. Improved speed loading provides better user experience and also enhances the website performance, thereafter leading to better conversion rate. If the pages of your site are as slow as a snail, you won’t be able to convert targeted users into customers. Thus, buckle up to experience dramatic page speed rise with a fast website using AMP.

AMP versions are known to have 20% to 30% better conversion rate. This justifies your ad spends and also helps in decreasing the cost involved since better conversion rates due to amp pages result in lesser cost per acquisition. Also, when landing pages load with faster speed, users will view more pages, thereby reducing the bouncing rate. This further leads to improved search engine rankings.

Because of all these reasons, amp landing pages are preferred more for websites when compared to other options. Thus, get your AMP landing pages designed for marketing campaigns to ensure value for money along with :

  • lower cost per acquisition
  • reduced bounce rate 
  • website which loads instantly
  • increased conversion rate
  • improved search engine rankings and a lot other benefits.

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