4 Steps to Succeed in Social Media Advertising

4 Steps to Succeed in Social Media Advertising

Social Media Platforms have become talk of the day! Are you too wondering how you can enter this arena and benefit from the same?

Remember the ad you saw while you were browsing on your facebook feed or that video ad which popped open when you were watching popular videos on Tik Tok? These are the best forms of social media ads!

Social Media Advertising is paid digital marketing via social networks to promote the services and products of any brand or organisation. This type of marketing helps in increasing sales, garnering engagement, interacting with users, etc.

It is considered to be a great tool to build a brand. With the digital medium gaining ground, the number of social platforms is on the rise. The following are widely known or the most popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tik Tok
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

4 Steps for Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns:

We can break the process for successful social media marketing campaigns into 4 steps:

1. Strategy:

What is the need of the hour for your business?

Until you know the answer to this question, do not dive into the pool of platforms, simply sit by it’s side and contemplate on what will benefit your business most or help it scale. Would it be website traffic, brand awareness or simply lead-generation? Once this is answered, you can move on to choosing the right platform as per your target audience.

2. Target Audience:

Do you understand your consumer well?

Jumping blindly on any social media platform will not work in your favour. Each platform is designed differently to cater to specific requirements. Depending on your target audience, you can choose the platforms best suited for your business. What may work for you in TikTok may not work for you on Facebook. Once you’ve decided on the platform, you can choose the audience you’d like to target. All the platforms provide this option to you wherein you can pick an interest group to target. Now which of these will be best targets for your business is upto you to decide. This is where consumer psychology comes into play!

3. Content:

Are you showing your consumers what they want to see?

Say, you’ve sorted the objective of the campaign along with the target audience, the 3rd step that comes is content. Are your ads hitting the right nerve of the audience? You need to ensure that the content in your ad connects with your audience and understands their pain point or need. Your ad has to be simple and understandable for better interaction with the audience. In the age of the digital era, a cool punchline or a simple story that touches the emotions of the consumers in the right way, can make it go viral.

4. Data Analysis:

Keep a close eye at the data that is being generated as it may hold key for your success.

Have your purchases increased from last month? Are people engaging more with your ads than before? You can find answers to all such questions through the dashboards that platforms provide. Various metrics provided on different platforms such as click-through rate, link clicks, conversions etc play a crucial role in understanding how the audience is responding. These metrics help you decide if the audience or the ad format you’ve chosen is apt for your brand or not. Always remember - what works for one industry may not work for the other industry and may require a different strategy & communication altogether. The only way to find out if your current strategy is working for your or not is to have a close look at the data and analyse if the performance of ads has improved or not as compared to before.

Why is it Important?

Brands on social media make the communication process with their potential customers seamless. The advanced features embedded in platforms including Instagram, Facebook, etc. allow a seamless cycle of conversations from both sides. It helps brands to showcase behind the scenes, brand story, and establish that it is more than what it sells. It has a direct impact on managing and maintaining a positive reputation.

Social Media builds customer relations and the ads displayed on the social profiles of users helps businesses to grow and develop. It is one of the fastest ways of reaching out to customers online. It helps tap on the majority of the online population with your brand presence.

The marketer of today knows how important an opportunity it is to represent your brand on social media. The customers and potential clients of your organization are mostly on social media. With Social Media, businesses have become approachable. It has become easier for customers to ask queries, communicate directly without any barriers with the businesses. The analytics help in allowing the business owners to have a deep insight as to who their target customers are, what they like, and more.


Advertising on social media platforms has many perks and has become a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. The ads appear as sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram with all the information of your products and services. Similarly, other social platforms showcase advertisements via display ads, etc.

Social media marketing is one of the many subsets of digital marketing services to drive faster business growth. It is not only fastest, reliable and cost-effective as compared to other modes of promoting services or products but also helps in widening the audience reach, increasing sales, generating leads, brand visibility and recognition along with many more added bonuses!

If you are a business thinking of using social media advertising to its full potential, keep the 4 steps mentioned above in your mind. As Jeff Bezos has rightly said, “It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.” All that is needed is not just strategizing but also analysing the data to keep learning and improving your ads with every day that passes!

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