TikTok - New Way of Marketing?

TikTok - New Way of Marketing?

Do you know that TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps of recent times? With more than 1.5 billion downloadsand more than 500 million active monthly users, this is surely something you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s growth has truly been fascinating. For a business, this appears to be a huge potential to reach the masses, but how relevant can TikTok be for your brand? Let’s see!

1. Audience

As you may already know, the majority of users on TikTok are below the age of 30 and includes a significant chunk of teenagers and college-goers. If the target audience for your product includes the younger population, TikTok will prove to be a boon for you. Just like other platforms, it too has interests you can use in the audience while creating an ad to target people.

2. Ads That Catch Attention Under 15 Secs

We’re continuously moving ahead into an era of where people have shorter attention spans. Most of the people on social media platforms are only interested in things for 15 seconds, like videos you see on TikTok, Instagram, or those short ads. The trick for a good as is finding a way to not only capture but also sustain their attention in that 15 seconds and this becomes more important when they’ve never heard of you. Therefore you need to ensure that while people are browsing through so many videos on TikTok, your ad is eye-catchy with content so good that they not only see it but also engage with it through likes, shares or even conversions!

3. Influencers on TikTok

Popularity of influencers on this platform is no hidden secret. These influencers produce videos daily which are seen by their millions of followers. Your brand can certainly put to use influencer marketing to expand the reach. For this, you can approach a relevant influencer and have a working relationship. By ‘relevant’, we are trying to imply somebody who fits your brand values and has followers you’d like to target. Example: if you have a business where you sell beauty products, an influencer who does makeup tutorials would be preferred.

4. Hashtag Challenges

The current era is also known to be an era of challenges - hashtag challenges. You must’ve come across various videos of people doing challenges. Dance steps in a popular song to transformation challenge through makeup - you can find people going crazy for all. When a new challenge is added on the Discover page of TikTok, millions of users can see and then join in. Your business can utilise this by paying to sponsor a hashtag challenge along with a custom banner. When users will tap on it, they’ll be taken to videos that your team created explaining and demonstrating the challenge. This can prove to be a good way of promoting your brand.

Video Formats on TikTok

If you’ve used the platform, you would’ve already noticed that the videos displayed are in the ratio 9:16 and cover the full screen of the mobile. Majority of the content which you’ll find will typically be under 15 seconds or shorter.However the video clips have now been expanded to up to 60 seconds. All TikTok videos play in a loop until you scroll down to see more videos.

What Content Can You Create for TikTok?

Videos that you find on TikTok are mostly for entertainment purposes. Getting an ad amidst these clips which is purely made from a sales perspective or is too corporate would have probability next to zero of fitting with the audiences. You need to ensure that your video ads blend in with the rest of the content. Example: if you have a bakery business, you can simply show your beautiful decorated cakes and attract people to follow you. Similarly, if you are a beauty brand, you can put in video of an influencer using and promoting your products. Many of the ecommerce brands are taking this approach wherein they show usability of their products in a demo video along with music in the background. You can observe videos around products which are similar to yours and take an inspiration for creating your video.


Take special care of the audience you are choosing as you’ll find all types of audience which use the platform. Without a doubt, TikTok is here to stay. Therefore it would be better if you get familiar with the app and search creative ways for marketing on the platform. Depending on your brand and the product you sell, you can create your own marketing strategy wherein you utilise all the 4 points mentioned above.

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