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Why Your Business Needs YouTube Ads?

It is no hidden fact that an average user spends approximately 40 minutes per session on YouTube! Not just this, with millions of people using YouTube, you can leverage this platform to make your brand familiar among the audience and turn them into prospective customers.

Catch high intent users

Brand Awareness

Almost one-third of all people on the Internet use YouTube, thus, providing a great opportunity for you to spread your message.



A look at the metrics such as clicks, average watch time, etc will help you know how engaging the video is for your audience.


Target it right

Choose from various targeting options such as demographics, topic, placement, etc to target like a pro.

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Great Reach

Your video can also be shared further by a user, thus, multiplying its reach & significantly expanding its reach.

unique campaigns for your business

We will help you launch ad campaigns for your business based on your YouTube videos. Precise targeting along with relevant audience will help you spread your message to the apt audience.

Intellemo Youtube Ads
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Reporting & Analysis

Once the ads start running, the insights into data will be utilised to maximum potential to ensure optimised ads run for your business. These insights will be converted into learnings to bring in more profit for your business.